Driven by people & a deep curiosity of the world we live in.


We Are



Born & raised in Australia, Kylie is the Founder of KaidCo., actively working with investors, property owners & private entities on the West Coast of North America & Australia to actualize a sense of third place in the community; this includes unique accommodations, private clubs, engaging workspaces, hotels & varied culinary programs.  She is passionate about people & has a strong desire to create beauty & a sense of place throughout the world.

Since KaidCo’s inception in 2003, Kylie has led the development of over 220 hospitality, hotel, shared workspace, wellness & culinary establishments; as well as the development, programming, product & market position of over $1.3 billion in combined residential, office & mixed-use developments; global brand campaigns for Tourism NZ & the development of a multi-million dollar online ordering platform. 


Kylie puts emphasis on a considered vision, in-depth financial analysis & extensive market studies to juxtapose modern technologies & thoughtful design elements that bring each project to life.  Her unique perspective has progressed by maintaining a global outlook, listening carefully & always upholding a deep understanding of cultural nuances, people & how they interrelate with the realization of each project  – always mindful to enhance the communities & the environment in which they reside. 

“It’s about observing a situation—a process, object or place—and believing it can be better... and never underestimating the power of why.” – Kylie Burton 


+ What Drives Me

“I’m driven by a deep curiosity of the world. This keeps me open to possibilities—for my partners, projects and myself personally.” 


For some, it is a warm welcoming environment that is grounded & feels like home.  For others it is social connection, a stimulating conversation or an expression of authenticity; but for all, a shared meal or experience is one of the most gratifying forms of both physical & soulful nourishment.  

So often we move through life without being mindful or connected, but to really pause & step in to an experience is something else.  It is no longer about nourishing your body, it is about nourishing your soul & your senses.  Only then, when our basic human needs are met, do we allow ourselves to connect to our highest virtue & make more ethical, conscious choices.  


To touch is to feel physically & sense emotionally. We live in a world where our sense of touch is too often numbed, negated or vilified by circumstance & misplaced consumerism. 

Each project I develop, intentionally explores the power of tactility & the impact it has on our psyche. Stimulating the senses & invoking a sense of calm & an appreciation for environments, experiences, epicurean ideas & craftsmanship in equal measure.


For a new generation of thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs, artists & global citizens, the world is their workplace & their home. Much like my own life, their lives & careers transcend industries & cities. 

For us, the professional is personal & the need for nourishment, community & a sense of place anywhere in the world, is as essential as ever. The way we work, live & travel has changed, but the fundamental need to belong to a community, connect & come together, has not.  As humans in todays world, this primal, fundamental need & idea still permeates all that we do. 


+ What People Say

“A unique perspective on market trends & setting the mandate for needed, localized hospitality.”