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Driven by people & a deep curiosity of the world we live in.


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Born & raised in Australia, Kylie is the Founder of KaidCo., actively working with investors, property owners & private entities throughout North America & Australia to actualize a sense of third place in the community; this includes unique accommodations, private clubs, engaging workspaces, hotels & varied culinary programs.

Since KaidCo’s inception in 2003, Kylie has led the (re)positioning & exit of a Design Hotels accredited, top 10 Conde Nast Boutique Hotel; the development of over 220 hospitality, shared workspace, wellness & culinary projects; & collectively participated in the market positioning, creative & development strategy of over $1.3b in assets throughout Australia & North America.


Kylie is considered a thought leader in hospitalities renaissance in a competitive real estate & industry landscape, by placing emphasis on a considered vision, in-depth financial analysis & extensive market studies to juxtapose modern technologies & thoughtful design that bring each project to life.  Her unique perspective has progressed by maintaining a global outlook, listening carefully & always upholding a deep understanding of cultural nuances, people & how they interrelate with the realization of each project  – always mindful to enhance the communities & the environment in which they reside. 

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+ What People Say

“A unique perspective on market trends & setting the mandate for needed, localized hospitality.”


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