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Sora, Vancouver

A private club that brings together a new generation of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, creative artists & social connoisseurs with beautiful work spaces, high-profile events & hospitality.

Venice Beach Abodes

Boutique service-less accommodations in the heart of Venice, California.  A series of beautifully appointed & chic home away from home suites, lofts & bungalows. 

Cardero Abodes

Boutique accommodations in Vancouver's West End.  Featuring two 2-bed & five 1-bed suites with a neighbourhood cafe & wine bar. Coming soon. 

San Jose del Cabo

Boutique hotel, live-work apartments, co-working, events & corporate retreats with innovated food & beverage programs, pop-up retail spaces, communal kitchens & shared indoor-outdoor dining rooms.  Coming Soon.

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