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Creative Workspace by KaidCo.


Private Club.

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Private Club
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“This is where you connect to a powerful, influential & inspired network. This is where Vancouver & other world cities unite.” 

Kylie Burton, Founder.

Sora Cafe by KaidCo.

A private club devoid of rules and tradition.  Sora brings together a new generation of thought leaders, discerning entrepreneurs, creative artists and social connoisseurs, with beautiful workspaces, high-profile events & hospitality.


It is time for a place that feels unmistakably of the moment and reflective of the world today.  It's time for a place that feels authentic but exclusive. A place that sets a new benchmark for the way we work and play, the way we eat and drink, the way we entertain and relax.

Shared business amenities, office space, and personalized concierge services come together with unexpected social and gastronomical spaces to create an environment for frequent, chance encounters and a highly curated eco-system for creativity, thought leadership and content-producing collaborations that transcend industry and geography. ​​

Sora stands out for its vibrant interiors, inviting atmosphere, cutting-edge cultural programming and best-in-class hospitality, food and beverage.

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Creative Workspace by KaidCo.

CAFE |  A convenient place to meet, collaborate and recharge throughout the day.  With several grab-and-go menu options, locally sourced artisan pastries and quality espresso, the lighter café fare is a casual alternative for lunch on the go or a quick pick me up. This is a place where the barista knows your name, and you can work from a café like it’s your personal office.

"Great hospitality is being sensitive to the needs of everyone in your care, with true poise & warmth."  Chad Clark, Hawksworth. 

RESTAURANT |  The restaurant will feature some of Vancouver’s best culinary purveyors and restauranteurs, with guest chefs who will create a fun and seasonally spontaneous menu that is served in the a la carte restaurant, rooftop patio, event space, meeting room or delivered right to your desk.  New and innovative epicurean ideas are also explored through lively food events and long table dinners that deepen members' understanding and appreciation of the ever-evolving culinary world.

sora roof top patio by Kaidco.

BUNGALOW, ROOFTOP BAR |  The members only patio makes for an unparalleled atmosphere all year round. With a stylish, yet casual chic vibe, members can break for lunch, meet with clients, grab a bite to eat, sip a cocktail and pound out a few emails, or kick off their shoes and unwind in the sun. 

MEMBERS HUB | A connection point between work & play - edgy with a mix of modern retro finishes & grounded with sophisticated architectural elements. The open layout allows this social work zone to blend with arts & entertainment by transforming from private meeting rooms & a cozy library nook, to a bustling cafe filled with people connecting, collaborating & partaking in one of the many live performances or discussions.

Culinary Food Hall by Kaidco.

"I love the idea of a dynamic environment where my team & I can collaborate & share the experience with our clients."  

Kelly Deck, Kelly Deck Design.

Whether members are located in a private office, or in one of the flex spaces, this working zone lends itself to productivity and concentration through its minimal and engaging atmosphere.

CREATIVE OFFICE & STUDIO SPACE |  Dedicated to focused work, this area has a professional and committed design approach offering a stronger neutral palette with simple urban industrial features including glass, metal, and warm wood tones.

Sora creative office space by Kaidco.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN |  Visualized to feel like a boutique hotel, each design element has been considered to serve a diverse range of purposes; designed with form, function and service in mind.  Award winning design firm, DesignAgency brings a strategic approach and a level of planning and design detailing that is rooted deeply in their valuable, multidisciplinary industry experience throughout Europe and North America. This space is for those who are engaged, appreciate the arts, upscale environments, travel in style, love to socialize, wine and dine. 


Warm wood tones mix with soft velvets, leathers and pops of sun-kissed colour, while architectural design details merge with integrated technology. The result is a fulfilling experience that is at once intimate yet social; private yet connected; comfortable yet sophisticated.


  • Restaurant, wine bar & café

  • Boutique accommodations

  • Rooftop patio​

  • Auditorium  

  • Listening & screening room

  • Library

  • Private dining rooms

Screening Room by KaidCo.

"We've gone beyond the desk & chair. We've thought a lot about how to inspire & engage through design.  We're set to create something special."

Anwar Mekhayech, DesignAgency.  


  • Meeting rooms

  • Special event space

  • Valet parking

  • Pop-up & retail space

  • Creative offices & desks

  • Private studios

  • Business facilities

"This is where Entrepreneurs & Executives with international perspective playing at the international level intersect."  Roy Yen, soomo Entertainment Company.

Rooftop Patio by KaidCo.

PROGRAMMING |  A rich calendar of events, art exhibits and programming will be hosted throughout the year. Emerging trends and global connections will be the result of informal conversations amongst local entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders from around the world. 


Members have the opportunity to interact with guest speaks & performances in media, arts, politics, science, wellness, cuisine, travel, business and other critical thinking fields on an intimate level.


Our visual arts program showcases a diverse range of international and local artistic practices and media, with a focus on contemporary artists and designers. Exhibits cycle on a quarterly basis, and are marked by an exclusive opening night preview.  


By inspiring creativity, fostering shared experiences and promoting dialogue, the cultural environment enriches the intellectual and social lives of our members and their guests who, as a community, can inspire and shape the future of Vancouver.

Sora Cafe by KaidCo.

MEMBERSHIP |  For membership details, refer to the following press release. Membership is by invite only at this stage. To request an application form or more information, contact membership care.


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“This is exactly the type of thing we need to raise the profile of Vancouver’s creative & business community.”



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