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7 Reasons An Innovative Social Club Is Needed in Vancouver

An 18,000 square foot, members-only social house for those looking for a place to work and play in one, is being founded by a local entrepreneur and is set to open early 2018.

The yet-to-be-named private club will offer members office space, business amenities, meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes, social amenities, concierge services and even a rooftop patio in a creative and inspirational ecosystem. The first 100 approved applications (subject to selection by the Board), will receive an early bird rate to bring the concept to life. 

Finally a place for the younger workaholics seeking a more modern and affordable environment to the social club scene in Vancouver and here’s why we can’t wait.

7. Young and Modern

While we love the traditional beauty of The Vancouver Club and its fun events, it’s often discussed that some of the members may not be currently as active in the business world as they once were. This new club is a fresh approach that’s essentially a glorified co-working space, but with way more benefits and a way cooler setting. And no suits necessary!

6. Work Amenities

Need office space? How about an office with amenities, hot desks, couches, a mailing address, library, auditorium for events and conferences, meeting rooms, places to bring and impress clients? We can go on.

5. Play Amenities

With how connected we are to our jobs at all times these days, it’s necessary to have small breaks during the day. This club will offer a food hall with elevated gastronomy and a chance for people to connect over the biggest necessity in life. There will also be private dining spaces for meetings, an artisanal espresso bar with snacks and did we mention the rooftop patio and wine bar?

4. Inspiring and Intelligent

The Design Agency in Toronto, an award-winning agency will design the space and bring an interesting and unique perspective. It will be created for those who appreciate arts and culture, upscale environments, travel and socializing. The modern, west-coast vibes will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the day.

3. Cultural Programming

A rich calendar of events, art exhibits and workshops are featured throughout the year to enrich intelligence, foster connections and improve social lives.

2. Event Space

Multiple distinct spaces will be available to members to host meetings or events for anything from product launches to cocktail parties and critical thinking events.

1. Location, Location, Location

Nestled in the most prestigious commercial zone in one of the most iconic buildings, Burrard Building. Overlooking Burrard and Alberni (how convenient), the club is right in the heart of downtown.

Editors Note:  Since going to press, the location has been revised to better cater to the creative and business community of Vancouver.  Still downtown, a location will be announced soon. 

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