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Private Club, Sora blends work and play for jetsetting digital nomads

Developed by KaidCo. Management Group , Sora is a club that brings together a new generation of thought leaders, discerning entrepreneurs, creative artists and social connoisseurs, with beautiful workspaces, high-profile events & hospitality.

We will open buildings in Vancouver and Los Angeles in the near future. A big part of Sora’s mission is to be available in whatever city its jetsetting members find themselves working from.

In some ways, Sora embodies the natural progression in the new work style of young, affluent freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. This new class of digital nomads can — and does — work from anywhere around the world.

Airbnb founder Brian Chesky has predicted a world where people don’t travel; they’re just permanently mobile. “In the future, when people move, they’re not going to move their furniture with them,” he said in an interview last year. “When that happens you can move more freely, and you’re more mobile.” Chesky’s vision may be a long shot, but if any group is suited for that kind of modern nomad lifestyle, it’s the members of Sora. They’re part of a new breed of professionals who travel in style, appreciate upscale environments, work remotely, and have no division between their personal and professional lives. “The way people work has changed,” Founder, Kylie Burton says. “You’re no longer asking someone to a meeting in your office, you’re asking them to get a coffee or a drink. This encompasses all of that.”

Sora will open its doors, with the thesis of building a diverse community that would benefit from cross-pollination with each other. That aim for diversity is why a committee will carefully handpick members, rather than admitting them in the order they applied. 

The point is to avoid concentration in any one area and always ensure a unique cross pollination of culture, conversation and perspective amongst like-minded members.

An “Atelier” membership, which grants unlimited access to the club’s open plan office area, amenities, hospitality, events and programming costs $2,500 per year. While cheaper membership options include a $1,500 per year “Gallery Reserve” membership, which is good for open plan office access 10 weekdays per month, and unlimited access to amenities, hospitality, events and programming; and a $750 per year “Gallery Noir” membership, which is good for unlimited access to amenities, hospitality, events and programming (+ an optional $500 per year for couples).  Permanent desks and private 1 person to 4 person offices are available on a month-to-month lease basis for “Resident” members only and start from $450 per month.  “Resident” memberships are the same as an “Atelier” membership at a discounted rate of $1,500 per year + a monthly lease agreement. “Gallery Reserve” memberships are also available as a corporate package for up to 4 employees and start at $5,000 per year.

In exchange for shelling out, members get access to a state-of-the-art office space, studios, auditorium and screening room, private dining rooms, meeting rooms and event spaces, fitness facilities, boutique accommodations, a business lounge, artisan café, wine bar and full service restaurant, as well as a robust schedule of programming that aims to be like a “really cool cultural magazine” with film screenings, musical performances, key note speakers, and artist talks. It’s got all the elements of the contemporary boutique hotel, including magazine racks displaying The Economist amid obscure literary journals, pricey art magazines, and the latest issue of Vogue. It’s eclectic chic.  It’s a bit like members-only club Soho House, but with creative office space incorporated. 

MEMBERSHIP |  Membership is by invite only at this stage. To request an application form or more information, contact membership care.


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